Weekly Graffiti!! Featuring Crep, Spictro, Drugs and more….

Every Friday I deliver medical supplies for my second job. This job requires me to be on call to deliver in various parts of town throughout the shift. In the midst of down time I take pictures of local graffiti.


These are two legal spots by artist: Spictro/Spic

This piece was on the side of a flower shop

IMG_3851 2

This Piece was part of huge production located in a alley in Logan.


Here are some more pieces from that production

IMG_4332 Beloe (Bcx, Sdv, Gm)

IMG_4331 Truko (osd)

IMG_4330 Alone (SDV)

IMG_4329 Altiz/ Alto (SDV)

IMG_4327 2 Stomik (Bcx)

IMG_4326 2Ribs (Bos)

This was a cool Piece done By Tattoo Artist Amer the Gamer for the Band Prayers located in a alley behind Imperial avenue.


These i found when entering ocean beach, small walls that line the back fence of Dusty Rhodes park.IMG_4257 2

Guter and Robot (TFS)IMG_4256 2

Sigma, Berg 45, 3DIMG_4258 2

Quest and CrepIMG_4254 2

Also Found this Crep on this Dope Freeway Sign Spot in Mission Valley

FullSizeRender 6

Last week i posted some pictures from this same spot, looks like a few more heads hit it up since then

FullSizeRender 11 Reakt (RUH)FullSizeRender 3 Sier (RUH)FullSizeRender 7Deans (RUH)

SDV Throw on 43rd

FullSizeRender 5

Dios Rdk Throw off of nationalFullSizeRender 2

This Was a Clean Legal Production By the TV25 Guys located on 29th and National

IMG_4349 2 IMG_4348 2 IMG_4347 2 IMG_4346 2 IMG_4345 2 R.I.P. Drugs TVC


And that there pretty much sums it up for this weeks edition of Weekly Graffiti with The Avenue!!!


Feel free to send us your pics at theavenue619@gmail.com


Disclaimer: We do not condone nor Encourage acts of Vandalism. Our posts are not meant to glorify nor glamorize Vandalism. We do however understand and accept the fact that this is a part of life in San Diego. We just hope to shine a informational light upon the Art and Artists that make us San Diego!!