Tiny Lon Don Brand New Release ALL GANGSTA Now Available!!!

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Release Date: January 2016


Tiny Lon Don is a artist at Damafiamu Ent / All Gangsta Ent. Born and raised in Southeast San Diego, Tiny Lon Don brings you life growing up in his Lincoln Park community, in ways in which people from all walks of life can understand. He has worked with several other San Diego artist, including Don Diego,Bossman Hogg, Curt Nitty and Tha Cherry Chuck Gang.

Track List:

1. Intro 2. For the Homies 3.Game Elevation 4. Punk Bitch 5. No Shit 6. I Just Wanna Fuck 7. Wutz up blood 8. Bitch Please 9. T-Bone skit 10. Days Like This 11.Street Politics 12. Im Still The Same 13.All Gangsta 14. White Kid 15.Asshole 16. If I Die Tonight 17. Gotta Get That Money 18. Doing Me