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Paradise Hills… Odessa Kane and More!!!

The Paradise Hills gang has been holding down the largest territory in San Diego since the ’60s. It extends from the National City border on Rachael St. all the way to the Meadowbrook housing project on the Lomita Village border. (This, if anything, should be Lomita’s turf due to its proximity to them, and its relative distance from the heart of PH.) The PH gang has been squaring off with every single clique in National City for 50 years. Not to mention Lomita, Encanto, Skyline and every other gang in Southeast. The gang has Eme representation with members among the big homies as well as dozens of “good to go” validated types.

Paradise Hills Territory:

(N) Paradise Valley Road (But a small section north of Paradise valley road is also PH turf, stretching into meadow view housing projects)

(S) Interstate 54

(E) Briarwood

(W) Rachel street

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 4.50.39 PM

Due to its geography, (dead ends, cul-de-sacs, alleys, new construction mingled with extremely old sections of the city, etc) PH has developed its own, very unique flavor among the neighborhoods of Southeast. The gang was a big trendsetters back in the heyday of gangs in SD. They were arguably one of the first in Southern Califas to ditch the old cholo-look in favor of the “Levi’s, t-shirt and ball cap” look instead of the “creased-up vato with a brim and Stacy’s” thing. This makes sense as the gang has always identified with the street-fighting ethos. – BrownKingdom.com

When i write these blogs i always share my personal encounters with the neighborhood in topic. My juvenile hall days is usually where i remember meeting the most heads from all over. I was in campo back in 96 with Shady from PH, he was a darker guy, maybe black and mexican. I remember he used to chunck em a lot simply cause of his complexion.

I also remember Back in 2000 one of my homies started to talking to this chick “Secret” who was some how tied in with the HK boys, a Tagging crew that also generated out of the paradise hills neighborhood. One time the homie and i ended up chilling thick with them on a late night trip, and everyone was strapped, they said the Ph boys would always come funking with them so they had to stay ready. it was kinda weird for me, considering the fact that one of our Big homies at the time, Osko, was a well known Paradise Hills affiliate. His brothers were all from PH and he eventually got down his self.

Later on I ended up at Second Chance Strive program with Crazy Girl from the hills in 2009. I’ve seen crazy a few times since, always around Paradise Hills.

oScreen Shot 2016-06-30 at 6.23.55 PM

In 2013 I had a house on Seabreeze and Lauder which was basically right behind Apollos Market. The year I lived there I feel i got a pretty good glimpse of life in PH. Reo Drive is a main road which seems to be the heart of the hood. La Palapa and Apollos Market are the go to spots in the hood for all your quick needs. These are also the 2 places i always seemed to get hit up at. There were always guys hanging out drinking by the alley, always fresh PH tags, and always Something going on.

I witnessed multiple high speed chases while i lived in the hills, as well as heard gun shots quite often. One day I even awoke to a stripped g ride on the side of the pad, lets just say Paradise hills is no stranger to street activities.

One day i ran into acquaintance at Paradise Hills Rec while playing with my son, dude named wiggy, i guess he always hung out at the rec since he lived within walking distance. he invited me to come play cards a few nights, and i went. good times blowing blunts, sipping brews and gambling at the park. good old PH memories




Paradise Hills Rec Center

PH Rec Center
Trash Can Hit Up at the Ph Rec Playground


IMG_5134 IMG_5133 IMG_5132 IMG_5130

Today the gang is broken up into two cliques. One reps the Meadowbrook projects, while the other one reps the old hood back on Reo.  Although when I Lived in PH, when i would get hit up, i had more than one guy rep Morningside on me. Idk

Here are some hit ups from around Reo.

IMG_3921 IMG_3920 IMG_3918 IMG_1644IMG_3919

These Hit ups were all found around the Meadowbrook Apartments

IMG_1643 IMG_1642 IMG_1640 IMG_1639 IMG_1638 IMG_1637IMG_4519

Paradise Hills still remains active.

Artists who have Prospered from the Paradise Hills Neighborhood include:

Odessa Kane:

Odessa Kane came up in the mid-90’s with legendary underground rap crew, Masters of the Universe (MOTU), the same crew that claims artists such as Gonja Sufi, Johaz (Dag Savage), and Orko Eloheim. As a community organizer / cultural worker with KmB Pro-People Youth and Pillars of the Community, Odessa utilizes his music as an organizing tool for genuine justice; keeping true to the tradition of Hip Hop as a form of resist.
Here is some old PHLS Hood Raps i found.

and that my friends is this weeks segment of Neighborhood Highlights featuring Paradise Hills.

Disclaimer: We do not condone nor Encourage acts of Vandalism, Gang Banging or Violence. Our posts are not meant to glorify nor glamorize the life that comes along with gang banging. We do however understand and accept the fact that this is a part of life in San Diego. We just hope to shine a informational light upon the neighborhoods that make us Americas Finest City!!