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Sherman Heights!! 20th and 27th Grant Hill Park! Mr.Lil One, Prayers and More!!

Here we are again for our weekly edition of Neighborhood Highlights. This week wen will be shining light upon the Sherman Heights Neighborhood of San Diego.

Sherman Heights is a neighborhood in San Diego bordered by Golden Hill to the north, Grant Hill to the east, East Village to the west, and Logan Heights to the south.

Interstate 5 (W) Imperial (S) Market (N) 29th (E)

As I’ve stated in previous weekly hood highlights, I work a delivery job 2 times a week which calls for me to be on call to deliver medical supplies to various parts of town throughout the day. Sometimes in between calls i will venture around and take pictures for this blog.

Sherman Heights being almost directly east of downtown San Diego,  it was a very active and awake inner city section. Being caught up in the judicial system in my younger days, I’ve meet a ton of heads from Sherman but don’t have any personal relationships with anyone from their Varrio. I used to know a few guys from ufk that stayed around that way, but thats about it.

Sherman Heights takes its name from its original developer Matthew Sherman, who purchased the land just east of Downtown San Diego in 1867. The Villa Montezuma, a large Victorian home built for musician and spiritualist Jesse Shepard in 1887, has been operated as a house museum, and is owned by the city of San Diego.- Wikipedia

I did my normal drive around and started to see the markings on the walls, some old some knew, but all letting you know you were now in Sherman territory. i noticed a lot of crossing out between Sherman and logan along the southern side of SM.



IMG_4267 2.33.36 PM

San Diego Tag Found in a Sherman Heights alley!

IMG_4268 2.33.36 PM IMG_4269 2.33.36 PM IMG_4270 IMG_4271 IMG_4276 2.33.36 PM IMG_4278 2.33.36 PM IMG_4281 2.33.32 PM

Around Imperial i found a Alley that was used not to long ago in the filming of the band “Prayers” video “YOUNG GODZ”

Lead man Rafael Reyes is a notariable member of Sherman Grant Hills Park, as well as successful Businessman, Artist and Author.

IMG_4298IMG_4295 IMG_4297

after stumbling across the Prayers piece that was painted by tattoo artist Amer the Gamer, i decided to go check out Grant hill park.

IMG_4563 IMG_4266 2.33.36 PM IMG_4552 Big 27 Carved DEEP in the Tree at the pinnacle of Grant Hill Park.IMG_4553 IMG_4555  Huge SHERMAN engraved in the concrete beneath this bench.

IMG_4561 IMG_4559 IMG_4557 IMG_4556

Maaaaaannnnnn!! Grant hill park is the shit, dope view over looking the hood on to the bay and coronado bridge. Some city skyline in spots also.

Chicano Rap Artist Mr. Lil One is another well known Musician who has grown from the Sherman grant hills park Gang.

From his first album, Once in a Decade in 1996, through Wasted Days and Wasted Nights and the trend-setting 13th Scorn, Lil Uno has built a tremendous and loyal fan base that is consistant and supportive. In 2006, Lil Uno released an album entitled The Streets, that brought him much overdue radio attention across the country and international exposure in print and on the internet. The album is highly acclaimed and catapulted him to another level in the game, landing a distribution with Fontana (for his label Sicko Records) and a publishing deal for his company, Sicker Than You Ever Came (ASCAP).
Lil Uno has enjoyed radio success from singles like Tha Boogieman, They Call Him Lil One, Spend Some Time, Contagious and most recently “Kitty Kat,” an early leaked single from his upcoming album. He has toured and performed with Cuban Link, T-Weaponz, MC Magic, Ivy Queen, Voltio, Chingo Bling, Notch, Bimbo, Don Dinero, Delinquent Habits, Lil Rob, Baby Bash, The Beatnuts, Tony Touch, Immortal Technique, Cypress Hill,,Brownboy, Down AKA Kilo, Kid Frost, Lighter Shade Of Brown and many more. His stage presence is amazing! His crowd control is on point and in 2009, he became an integral part of The Latin Lockdown Tour, an unprecedented Latino Hip-Hop tour that is currently bringing the hottest artists to over 30 cities across the nation.

After hitting the park and getting ready to leave on the next delivery, i knew i couldn’t leave without checking out the 27th street section of sherman. Every time i would get busted there was always someone from Sherman 27 busted with me.

IMG_4273 2.33.36 PM

IMG_4274 2.11.49 PM IMG_4277 2.33.36 PM The back of this house in they alley was crushed by 27 boys!IMG_4279 2.33.36 PM IMG_4280 IMG_4285 2.33.32 PM IMG_4287 2.33.32 PM IMG_4290 2.33.32 PM IMG_4291 2.33.32 PM IMG_4293

This Apartment Complex was pretty hit up also!

and that friends is my little story about my trip to Sherman Heights, Home to Varrio Sherman 20’s and 27th street Grant Hill Park!


Disclaimer: We do not condone nor Encourage acts of Vandalism, Gang Banging or Violence. Our posts are not meant to glorify nor glamorize the life that comes along with gang banging. We do however understand and accept the fact that this is a part of life in San Diego. We just hope to shine a informational light upon the neighborhoods that make us San Diego!!