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“Brand New” Exclusive “ANNIMEANZ” Interview

This Is Another Installment Of The AveNews. This Interview Was Filmed A Few Weeks Ago At The Avenue With  One Umberella Artist ANNIMEANZ . Click Link To Enjoy This Dope Video. Be Sure To Check Out  Annimeanz On Instagram At @Annimeanz

Also, Check Out Some More Of Annimeanz Music Below

King Lil G LIVE This Friday!!!! 7/8 Tickets Still Available..

Tickets are still available at 6211 Imperial Avenue San Diego. Only $20

King Lil G is known for releases called Blue Devil 2, King Enemy, and AK47Boyz, and More Recently Ignorance. This rap artist’s source material is inspired by his own personal experiences.

He used his time in Juvenile Hall and under house arrest to find solace in songwriting.

He founded the Sucio Movement and the clothing line Sucios.

He is from Inglewood, Los Angeles, California. He has a son and was raised by a single Mexican mother with his two older brothers.

He has been influenced by fellow California rappers Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, among others.

Paradise Hills… Odessa Kane and More!!!

The Paradise Hills gang has been holding down the largest territory in San Diego since the ’60s. It extends from the National City border on Rachael St. all the way to the Meadowbrook housing project on the Lomita Village border. (This, if anything, should be Lomita’s turf due to its proximity to them, and its relative distance from the heart of PH.) The PH gang has been squaring off with every single clique in National City for 50 years. Not to mention Lomita, Encanto, Skyline and every other gang in Southeast. The gang has Eme representation with members among the big homies as well as dozens of “good to go” validated types.

Paradise Hills Territory:

(N) Paradise Valley Road (But a small section north of Paradise valley road is also PH turf, stretching into meadow view housing projects)

(S) Interstate 54

(E) Briarwood

(W) Rachel street

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 4.50.39 PM

Due to its geography, (dead ends, cul-de-sacs, alleys, new construction mingled with extremely old sections of the city, etc) PH has developed its own, very unique flavor among the neighborhoods of Southeast. The gang was a big trendsetters back in the heyday of gangs in SD. They were arguably one of the first in Southern Califas to ditch the old cholo-look in favor of the “Levi’s, t-shirt and ball cap” look instead of the “creased-up vato with a brim and Stacy’s” thing. This makes sense as the gang has always identified with the street-fighting ethos. – BrownKingdom.com

When i write these blogs i always share my personal encounters with the neighborhood in topic. My juvenile hall days is usually where i remember meeting the most heads from all over. I was in campo back in 96 with Shady from PH, he was a darker guy, maybe black and mexican. I remember he used to chunck em a lot simply cause of his complexion.

I also remember Back in 2000 one of my homies started to talking to this chick “Secret” who was some how tied in with the HK boys, a Tagging crew that also generated out of the paradise hills neighborhood. One time the homie and i ended up chilling thick with them on a late night trip, and everyone was strapped, they said the Ph boys would always come funking with them so they had to stay ready. it was kinda weird for me, considering the fact that one of our Big homies at the time, Osko, was a well known Paradise Hills affiliate. His brothers were all from PH and he eventually got down his self.

Later on I ended up at Second Chance Strive program with Crazy Girl from the hills in 2009. I’ve seen crazy a few times since, always around Paradise Hills.

oScreen Shot 2016-06-30 at 6.23.55 PM

In 2013 I had a house on Seabreeze and Lauder which was basically right behind Apollos Market. The year I lived there I feel i got a pretty good glimpse of life in PH. Reo Drive is a main road which seems to be the heart of the hood. La Palapa and Apollos Market are the go to spots in the hood for all your quick needs. These are also the 2 places i always seemed to get hit up at. There were always guys hanging out drinking by the alley, always fresh PH tags, and always Something going on.

I witnessed multiple high speed chases while i lived in the hills, as well as heard gun shots quite often. One day I even awoke to a stripped g ride on the side of the pad, lets just say Paradise hills is no stranger to street activities.

One day i ran into acquaintance at Paradise Hills Rec while playing with my son, dude named wiggy, i guess he always hung out at the rec since he lived within walking distance. he invited me to come play cards a few nights, and i went. good times blowing blunts, sipping brews and gambling at the park. good old PH memories




Paradise Hills Rec Center

PH Rec Center
Trash Can Hit Up at the Ph Rec Playground


IMG_5134 IMG_5133 IMG_5132 IMG_5130

Today the gang is broken up into two cliques. One reps the Meadowbrook projects, while the other one reps the old hood back on Reo.  Although when I Lived in PH, when i would get hit up, i had more than one guy rep Morningside on me. Idk

Here are some hit ups from around Reo.

IMG_3921 IMG_3920 IMG_3918 IMG_1644IMG_3919

These Hit ups were all found around the Meadowbrook Apartments

IMG_1643 IMG_1642 IMG_1640 IMG_1639 IMG_1638 IMG_1637IMG_4519

Paradise Hills still remains active.

Artists who have Prospered from the Paradise Hills Neighborhood include:

Odessa Kane:

Odessa Kane came up in the mid-90’s with legendary underground rap crew, Masters of the Universe (MOTU), the same crew that claims artists such as Gonja Sufi, Johaz (Dag Savage), and Orko Eloheim. As a community organizer / cultural worker with KmB Pro-People Youth and Pillars of the Community, Odessa utilizes his music as an organizing tool for genuine justice; keeping true to the tradition of Hip Hop as a form of resist.
Here is some old PHLS Hood Raps i found.

and that my friends is this weeks segment of Neighborhood Highlights featuring Paradise Hills.

Disclaimer: We do not condone nor Encourage acts of Vandalism, Gang Banging or Violence. Our posts are not meant to glorify nor glamorize the life that comes along with gang banging. We do however understand and accept the fact that this is a part of life in San Diego. We just hope to shine a informational light upon the neighborhoods that make us Americas Finest City!!

Shell Town 38th Street, Gamma Boys, Young Sicc and More…

Here we are with another weekly edition of neighborhood highlights, this week we made our way around Barrio Shelltown.

Shell town is centrally located in the southeast section of the city, Neighboring National city, Logan heights and Southcrest neighborhoods.

Shell town territory:

(N) Imperial Ave

(S) Division

(E) Interstate 805

(W) interstate 5 and interstate 15

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 11.23.03 AM

Barrio Shelltown has 2 Clicks 38th Street and Gamma Boys. It always seemed like 38th street was a lil bigger and more active than gamma, though lately I’ve seen a lot more gamma markings through the set.

In 1995 i ended up in Rancho del Campo which was a Juvenile Camp Facility for juvenile offenders. This trip I was in Campo 2 dorm with Lil Capone from 38th street and a guy named Donuts who was claiming Gamma if i remember correctly.

After that trip i would run into Capone EVERYTIME i ended up busted, last time i saw him they were taking him from unit 1000  to CYA (California Youth Authority)

Shell town share their Neighborhood with the Bloods Gang 59 Brims and have a long standing rivalry with OTNC and Logan.

Every week i work a second job delivering medical supplies, in between calls i kill time by driving around and taking pictures for this blog, here are a few that i found.

Barrio Shelltown 38th Street Locos Dafie Sixxy
38 Street and Gamma street
The Bridge at South Crest Park
Varrio Shelltown Gamma Boys 3V3

IMG_4149 IMG_4158 IMG_4160 IMG_4134 IMG_4135 IMG_4136 IMG_4140 IMG_4142 IMG_4147 IMG_4148 IMG_4150 IMG_4151 IMG_4161 IMG_4164

Some known artists that have prospered out of Shell Town include:

Young Sicc: “I grew up in Southeast San Diego,” says rapper Young Sicc (born Francisco Sandoval, Jr.), who turned 28 in 2007. “I grew up in Shelltown, around 38th and National Avenue. I never forgot where I came from. Everybody has a story to tell, growing up in the ‘hood.'”

Krooks The Felon: Krooks is another local rapper who is a known member of Shelltown

Also found some Shell Town Hood Raps…

Varrio Locos Otay. River Bottoms. Guzzle One and More…

Otay is a residential neighborhood in the southern section of San Diego. Most kids from this area attend castle park middle school and high school. In San Diego every neighborhood Starting in National City and south is referred to as South San Diego or South Bay.

Otay is home to a well established street gang known as Varrio Loco Otay or Otay 13.

Rasta Locos is a click of Otay 13. One of the oldest gangs in SD County (1920’s/1930’s). The Rasta Locos click (RLS) was made up of stoners sometime in the ’70’s or ’80’s. They also have two other clicks:

Riverbottom Locos (RBL/RBLS), named so because the click is near the Otay River bottom (was made in the ’70’s and still reps hard today), and a recent click 13 Boys (13BS). From what I’ve been told, there has been a lot of clickas in the past, but they all died off. The only ones I’m familiar with are RLS, RBLS, 13BS, and a click from the 1950’s/1960’s called Yatos (YTS).

Hood Parameter:

North- Palomar

West- Broadway,

South- River Bottoms

East- 805 freeway

I didn’t grow up in south san diego so i never really knew much about this hood until my first trip to juvinille hall in 94. I learned a lot that trip. i remember seeing Otay tagged up everywhere in the halls. They were always deep, no names stick out to me at this point though. I was in unit 100 in 99 with Shaker from Otay, i remembered his Name from when he used to tag, i wanna say he was from JR but could be wrong. Im told he’s now a well established head in the hood.

So as i state every week on the Hood Highlights, i work a part time delivery job 2 days a week, this job sends me to various parts of town on call. While I’m killing time, i often cruise around and take pics for this blog.

I really didn’t know where to start in otay so i looked up parks in the area, noticing one named Otay Park i felt that would be a good place to start. Upon arriving i noticed a small park tucked in the middle of the hood next door to a elementary school. i decided to get out and take a walk through

Otay Park
Mens Bathroom at Otay Park.

As i strolled towards the back of the parkIMG_3978

I Noticed a Large OTAY piece in Old English Lettering. From what I’m told, that piece is always flying high overlooking the park.IMG_3988 IMG_3993

I stopped by the Benches and saw some youngsters hit ups.IMG_3992 IMG_3991IMG_3990

From the benches i noticed a stair way leading out of the park into the above neighborhood. I love finding stairways because the are such a major gate way for the residence of the community and sometimes a local hangout spot.

IMG_3980 IMG_3981 IMG_3985 IMG_3986

After checking out the stairs, i kept it moving, and started to cruise around in search of tags.


Rasta Locos and Riverbottom Lococs
Buffed OTAY W. KAT

Otay had one of the most tagged up hood I’ve seen block for block alley for alley. Big tags on main streets, Lil long lasting tags in the cuttys, every corner and alley hit.

Curb Spot
San Ysidro and Otay going at it.
More Otay and Sidro action
my first time seeing a hood use a stencil. OTAY RBLS CK
Lil park tucked in the middle of house in a dead end section of otay.

IMG_4003 IMG_4002 IMG_3999   IMG_3976

This was one of the biggest hit ups I’ve seen lately. OTAYEROS CK TRECE BOYS PARK BONA PLEYTO

You will notice Otay write CK. This is marked to disrespect their rivals from VCV or Varrio Chula Vista.IMG_3968 IMG_3955 IMG_3951 IMG_4014 IMG_4015 IMG_4016IMG_4022IMG_4023IMG_4024IMG_4025IMG_4009IMG_4010IMG_4011IMG_4012IMG_4013IMG_4018IMG_3950 IMG_1053

Artists who have prospered from the Varrio Locos Otay include:

Guzzle – Guzzle was a graffiti writer from the crew SDV or San Diego Vandalz later getting down for VLO. Guzzle took his creativity to the mic where he flexed serious skills. He deffinatly made his mark in the san diego hip hop scene being involved in everything from shows to cyphers with the heavyweights in sd. I last spoke with guzzle when he stopped by the store to check it out. He assured us as soon as he gets off of this intense probation they have him on, he will be back in the light with plenty of heat for the game.FullSizeRender 8

We also were able to find some Otay Hood raps on Youtube.

and that friends in pretty much the extent of my trip to Varrio Otay. i hope everyone enjoyed this article, and remember to tune in weekly for new highlights. Peace

Disclaimer: We do not condone nor Encourage acts of Vandalism, Gang Banging or Violence. Our posts are not meant to glorify nor glamorize the life that comes along with gang banging. We do however understand and accept the fact that this is a part of life in San Diego. We just hope to shine a informational light upon the neighborhoods that make us San Diego!!

Sherman Heights!! 20th and 27th Grant Hill Park! Mr.Lil One, Prayers and More!!

Here we are again for our weekly edition of Neighborhood Highlights. This week wen will be shining light upon the Sherman Heights Neighborhood of San Diego.

Sherman Heights is a neighborhood in San Diego bordered by Golden Hill to the north, Grant Hill to the east, East Village to the west, and Logan Heights to the south.

Interstate 5 (W) Imperial (S) Market (N) 29th (E)

As I’ve stated in previous weekly hood highlights, I work a delivery job 2 times a week which calls for me to be on call to deliver medical supplies to various parts of town throughout the day. Sometimes in between calls i will venture around and take pictures for this blog.

Sherman Heights being almost directly east of downtown San Diego,  it was a very active and awake inner city section. Being caught up in the judicial system in my younger days, I’ve meet a ton of heads from Sherman but don’t have any personal relationships with anyone from their Varrio. I used to know a few guys from ufk that stayed around that way, but thats about it.

Sherman Heights takes its name from its original developer Matthew Sherman, who purchased the land just east of Downtown San Diego in 1867. The Villa Montezuma, a large Victorian home built for musician and spiritualist Jesse Shepard in 1887, has been operated as a house museum, and is owned by the city of San Diego.- Wikipedia

I did my normal drive around and started to see the markings on the walls, some old some knew, but all letting you know you were now in Sherman territory. i noticed a lot of crossing out between Sherman and logan along the southern side of SM.



IMG_4267 2.33.36 PM

San Diego Tag Found in a Sherman Heights alley!

IMG_4268 2.33.36 PM IMG_4269 2.33.36 PM IMG_4270 IMG_4271 IMG_4276 2.33.36 PM IMG_4278 2.33.36 PM IMG_4281 2.33.32 PM

Around Imperial i found a Alley that was used not to long ago in the filming of the band “Prayers” video “YOUNG GODZ”

Lead man Rafael Reyes is a notariable member of Sherman Grant Hills Park, as well as successful Businessman, Artist and Author.

IMG_4298IMG_4295 IMG_4297

after stumbling across the Prayers piece that was painted by tattoo artist Amer the Gamer, i decided to go check out Grant hill park.

IMG_4563 IMG_4266 2.33.36 PM IMG_4552 Big 27 Carved DEEP in the Tree at the pinnacle of Grant Hill Park.IMG_4553 IMG_4555  Huge SHERMAN engraved in the concrete beneath this bench.

IMG_4561 IMG_4559 IMG_4557 IMG_4556

Maaaaaannnnnn!! Grant hill park is the shit, dope view over looking the hood on to the bay and coronado bridge. Some city skyline in spots also.

Chicano Rap Artist Mr. Lil One is another well known Musician who has grown from the Sherman grant hills park Gang.

From his first album, Once in a Decade in 1996, through Wasted Days and Wasted Nights and the trend-setting 13th Scorn, Lil Uno has built a tremendous and loyal fan base that is consistant and supportive. In 2006, Lil Uno released an album entitled The Streets, that brought him much overdue radio attention across the country and international exposure in print and on the internet. The album is highly acclaimed and catapulted him to another level in the game, landing a distribution with Fontana (for his label Sicko Records) and a publishing deal for his company, Sicker Than You Ever Came (ASCAP).
Lil Uno has enjoyed radio success from singles like Tha Boogieman, They Call Him Lil One, Spend Some Time, Contagious and most recently “Kitty Kat,” an early leaked single from his upcoming album. He has toured and performed with Cuban Link, T-Weaponz, MC Magic, Ivy Queen, Voltio, Chingo Bling, Notch, Bimbo, Don Dinero, Delinquent Habits, Lil Rob, Baby Bash, The Beatnuts, Tony Touch, Immortal Technique, Cypress Hill,,Brownboy, Down AKA Kilo, Kid Frost, Lighter Shade Of Brown and many more. His stage presence is amazing! His crowd control is on point and in 2009, he became an integral part of The Latin Lockdown Tour, an unprecedented Latino Hip-Hop tour that is currently bringing the hottest artists to over 30 cities across the nation.

After hitting the park and getting ready to leave on the next delivery, i knew i couldn’t leave without checking out the 27th street section of sherman. Every time i would get busted there was always someone from Sherman 27 busted with me.

IMG_4273 2.33.36 PM

IMG_4274 2.11.49 PM IMG_4277 2.33.36 PM The back of this house in they alley was crushed by 27 boys!IMG_4279 2.33.36 PM IMG_4280 IMG_4285 2.33.32 PM IMG_4287 2.33.32 PM IMG_4290 2.33.32 PM IMG_4291 2.33.32 PM IMG_4293

This Apartment Complex was pretty hit up also!

and that friends is my little story about my trip to Sherman Heights, Home to Varrio Sherman 20’s and 27th street Grant Hill Park!


Disclaimer: We do not condone nor Encourage acts of Vandalism, Gang Banging or Violence. Our posts are not meant to glorify nor glamorize the life that comes along with gang banging. We do however understand and accept the fact that this is a part of life in San Diego. We just hope to shine a informational light upon the neighborhoods that make us San Diego!!

Lomita Village 7 0’s

Every Wednesday I work an alternative Job in order to help keep the Avenue alive. This job calls for me to be on call and available to deliver medical supplies to various parts of town. Yesterday after a stop in Lemon Grove i decided to adventure around a part of town called Lomita Village while i killed time.

North) Jamacha Road
South) Skyline Drive
West) Meadowbrook Drive
East) Billow Drive

Now, Im pretty familiar with San Diego and its inner city but Lomita was semi new to me. I mean, I had a bunky in east mesa once (Grumpy) from LV70s, Ive met rapper Dido Brown before , and my oldest sons mom grew up off Bowie by Skyline Park, but thats it!

So I cruised around taking pictures of a few  hit ups found around San Vicente St.

IMG_4211 IMG_4212 IMG_4213

Heres a Lil History on where the 7 0’s comes into play!

The 7’Os were sparked up by some vatos from Comptone Varrio 70 who were from the Lomita neighborhood and mixed in. LV13 and LV70 at one time did not even get along that much, but in 1978 an LV13 homeboy wasted a jura, and that brought down the heat on the barrio.Things got real hot and homies were getting torcidos and sent up to do long sentences. Right around that year is when the 7’Os Chicos started putting in work together with the LV13 Diablos & LiL Spiders. As time went by, more and more LV13 homeboys were either getting smoked, locked up or going into retirement, and so the youngsters kinda forgot about the older gente, but the Chicos kept the Village on deck. Eventually the LV13 kinda took a back seat to the LV70, but don’t let that confuse you because there’s still plenty of LV’s that don’t claim 70s. There’s stil homies around that claim LV13 NOMAS! And just to re-iterate what has already been said, the LV oldie cliques never claimed LV70, PERIOD! – Brown Kingdom

I Eventually stumbled across a dope Stair Case in the middle of nowhere. I personally LOVE finding City Stairways in the middle of residential neighborhoods, they tend to be pretty key gateway for the residence and a nighttime hangout for the youth!  IMG_4217IMG_4218 IMG_4219 IMG_4215IMG_4223IMG_4228IMG_4229IMG_4230

Once I reached the top i looked out over the neighborhood, where i could see a lil piece of a park, a park i never knew existed, so i immediately knew where my next stop would be!

As much as i love finding stair cases i love finding New parks! Parks Usually represent a Key part of a Neighborhood. In this case Lomita Park seemed to act as the heart to this hood.IMG_4232 IMG_4233 IMG_4234

One thing that was unique about this Neighborhood park was that the members of Lomita Village had markings in the cement and carved into trees, Marking their territory. Not every hood has Permanent markings in the heart of their hood, but lomita does.IMG_4235 IMG_4236 IMG_4237 IMG_4238 IMG_4239 IMG_4241IMG_4240 IMG_4242 IMG_4243

From the park i could see a trail that went down to a small canyon that ran behind some houses, also marked up!IMG_4244 IMG_4246 IMG_4247 IMG_4248

and that my friends is pretty much the extent of my visit to Lomita Village. Very unique area tucked away in the eastern most parts of southeast San Diego and home to Varrio Lomita Village 7 0’s.

LV cliques:


Artists who prospered from the Lomita Village area:

Dido Brown is a San Diego rapper who stems from the lomita village area of san diego. Dido and the Bonafide team have been known to be out in the streets hustling their music catalog. In todays times Dido now uses his talents to speak upon faith and religion to his fans and followers! amen.

Disclaimer: We do not condone nor Encourage acts of Vandalism, Gang Banging or Violence. Our posts are not meant to glorify nor glamorize the life that comes along with gang banging. We do however understand and accept the fact that this is a part of life in San Diego. We just hope to shine a informational light upon the neighborhoods that make us San Diego!!




Varrio Nestor Gang!

Nestor is a residential neighborhood in the southern section of San Diego, and part of the Otay Mesa-Nestor community planning area. It neighbors Palm City and Otay Mesa West to the east, Egger Highlands to the north, San Ysidro to the southeast and the Tijuana River Valley to the south. Major thoroughfares include Coronado Avenue, Saturn Boulevard, Hollister Street, and Tocayo Avenue.

Though Nestor is a rather small gang, they still have a presence in the south bay. Nestor Represents for 19th street which is now Saturn boulevard, even though the street name changed they still rep 19th.

We took a stroll through the hood and saw plenty of fresh tags and police presence around Nestor Park!!

IMG_3870 IMG_3871 IMG_3872 IMG_3875 IMG_3876

Viewer Sent Picture
FullSizeRender 2
Viewer Sent Picture

Varrio San Ysidro Gang!!!

San Ysidro is a San Diego County neighborhood located in the very most south section of the county.

San Ysidro is home to the what is often stated to be the world’s busiest land border crossing, where U.S. Interstate 5 crosses into Mexico at Tijuana; however, the U.S. government only states that it is the busiest in the Western Hemisphere.

Varrio San Ysidro is bounded in the east by the hills and canyons below Otay Mesa. To the west is the Tijuana River Valley, a vast wetlands area that reaches as far west to the Pacific Ocean. To the south is the International border; Tijuana on the other side of La Linea (The Fence). Bordering on the north side is the 905 Freeway which separates Sidro from the communities of Nestor/Otay. These natural and man-made boundaries have served the Varrio well over time in helping it to keep its unique identity; however the cohesion of this community over the decades, has been fragmented by the construction of Interstates (5), (805), (905) and the San Diego trolley.

The Barrio in the 1950s was very much all-along San Ysidro Blvd. in particular, further to the west side –west of today’s 805 freeway– stretching all the way to Dairy Mart Road.  Most of the neighborhood Vatos (some 50 in those days) worked and kicked it at the empacadoras (the packing plants) also on the strip, over by where SY Blvd and Dairy Mart Road meet. By the late 50s, these Vatos had become straight-up a “VARRIO” in all sense of the meaning.

During the mid-to-late 70s, the LOCOTES clika sprung up in the Park Ave neighborhood. During this time-era, the Surfo (Stoner) stilos came of age on both sides of The Fence. Cholo & Surfo gangs exploded in Tijuas, and in San Ysidro the young crowds of Raza, –which many have always kept up ties with families south of the border—their Surfo counterparts also staked claim to hang-out spots in Sidro. The SY PUNKS surfaced during these years; then LOS BIKERS (both Surfo crowds). The SY Punks gradually fell in-line with the Cholo stile and joined up with SYR. Los Bikers used to hang around where today’s Beyer Blvd Trolley Station exist today on Beyer and Cottonwood Road. They adopted their name from the simple fact that their members all had those old-school 16 inch spoke wheels bikes. At the turn of the 80s when the Trolley system was built in 1981, their spot was razed and with the Surfo stile becoming a dying breed, it didn’t take long for them to disappear from the scene. Nevertheless, some from Los Bikers joined the main SY ranks.

With the arrival of the 80s decade, new clikas were formed.
In the mid-80’s the SY GANGSTERS formed up and kicked it at The Alley (Cypress Dr.) behind West Park Ave in the street-alley where it meets up with Blanche Street.
The LOCOTES clika continued-on, but they took up a spot further north on Cypress, up the next block where it dead ends with the Trolley tracks.
The VILLA LOCOS continued staying up as well, but their numbers were greater on the north side of the tracks.

By the mid-to-late 80s, the LIL LOCOS clika sprang up, sponsored by the LOCOTES, and then the TINY LOCOS, followed up by Los MALOS in the 1990s.

By the 1990s, all the SYR clikas were inter-mixed. They kicked it here there and everywhere. The MALOS began to make more of presence on the south side of the 5 Freeway over by Sycamore/Larsen Field as well as the LOCOTES. The TINY LOCOS remained closer to the center of the Barrio along the community center, even so, all the clikas continue to hang-out together.




IMG_3860 IMG_3861 IMG_3863 IMG_3864 IMG_3866


sidrolocotes syrsycamore

Some pics and info provided by: www.brownkigdom.com


Artists who have prospered from San Ysidro:

P.O.D. (short for “Payable on Death”) is a American band that originated in 1992 in the San Ysidro neighborhood of San Diego. The band was signed to Atlantic records in 1998, after independently producing their own records for six years prior. P.O.D. came out with their first popular CD titled “The Fundamental Elements of Southtown” in 1999, which produced a lot of popular singles such as “Rock the Party” and “Southtown.” In 2001 they came out with their sophomore album which became their biggest global success called “Satellite” which was scheduled to be released on 9/11/01. They faced a tough choice that day of whether to go ahead and release it that day. Today all four members are married men and live in the San Diego area. Sonny still lives in his home town of San Ysidro, California with his wife and daughter Nevaeh (heaven spelled backwards, and born in 2000).

I Flew from Omaha Nebraska to San Diego on July 3rd 2007 and sonny was my seat mate on both of the flights to daygo, we talked the whole trip about growing up in san diego and how he has chose to stay in san ysidro to build his family.

Disclaimer: We do not condone nor Encourage acts of Vandalism, Gang Banging or Violence. Our posts are not meant to glorify nor glamorize the life that comes along with gang banging. We do however understand and accept the fact that this is a part of life in San Diego. We just hope to shine a informational light upon the neighborhoods that make us Americas finest city!