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Varrio West Side Linda Vista 13.

Here we are with another weekly edition of Neighborhood Highlights. This week we headed over to the west side of San Diego and chose Linda Vista to be our focus. When i was growing up i got kicked out of my neighborhood middle school for graffiti, the school district gave me the option of Mark Twain Linda Vista (Main Twain) or Kroc Middle school in Claremont. I chose Kroc! Back then i would catch the 4 bus after school which would Start at Claremont Square travel through linda vista, down to pacific highway, then downtown before continuing on to Lomita Village. So occasionally i would run into some LV13 on the 4 bus. Later turning into route 44 after Old Town Transit center was built which then cut the route in half. 44 bus from old town to claremont and 4 from Downtown to Lomita.

at this time period i wanna say it was the End of the PeeWees and start of Tiny Locos. I remember Stalker, Cubby and Susto were pretty active back then.

Linda Vista shares their hood with 2 other gangs, TOC (Tiny Oriental Crips) which is a asian gang and Linda Vista Crips which is a Black gang. LVC and LV13 have funk, but I’m not sure if TOC also beefs with LV13.

wsLV13Ls has a big chunk of real-estate but i would say that

(S) Tait (N) Mesa College (E) 163 freeway (W) Canyon

is pretty much their actual territory.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 5.51.26 PM

Linda vista has 2 parks in their neighborhood one being Linda Vista Park. Linda vista park is the area where you would also find the Linda Vista Crips.

IMG_4501 copy IMG_4502 copy IMG_4497 copy IMG_4500 copy IMG_4495 copy IMG_4494 copy IMG_4493 copyIMG_4496 copyIMG_5036IMG_4503

Linda vista has a old feel, a lot of project looking apartments.IMG_4508

The other side of LV has Kelly Park which is a tucked away cutty park deep in the middle of a Loop street filled with apartments, looked to be the most active area.IMG_4372 copyIMG_4373 copyIMG_4371 copy IMG_4374 copy IMG_4375 copy IMG_4359 copy IMG_4370 copy IMG_4376 copy IMG_4374 copy IMG_4358 copy IMG_4357 copyIMG_4378 copy IMG_4506 copy

The Linda Vista 13 gang include Clikas (sets that correspond to a bigger gang) of Tecolotes 1960s, Morley St Boys 70s, Lokos 70s-80s, Raskols 80s, Peewees 90s, Tiny Locos (1997- Present). LV13 is one of those gangs who have beef with every other gang in San Diego. Historically, LV13s rivals are Mission Bay, Old Town San Diego, East San Diego, and most gangs from South East San Diego. Newer rivals consist of Linda Vista Crip ( reason: young generation of LVC claim NorthSide instead of West Side and LV13 is a Southerner Gang), Bloods, South East Lokos 13, Clairemont, Luni Mob & Fk ( fuck klowns) which are known to be wannabe clicks (not a real gang or weak in numbers. According to FBI investigations, there are about 150 to 200 active and non-active gang members from the incorporated LV13 street gang alone. Because Operation Blue Rag (police strategy to take down Crips in San Diego) and the 2001 gang injunction for LV13 (police strategy to take down Linda Vista 13 gang members, it has forced many gang members from Linda Vista to leave the area in order to escape prosecution.tumblr_o161o9JfRV1twr48ao1_1280

Heres Some LV13 Hood Raps i Found.

and that my friends is this weeks segment of Neighborhood Highlights featuring Varrio Linda Vista 13.

Disclaimer: We do not condone nor Encourage acts of Vandalism, Gang Banging or Violence. Our posts are not meant to glorify nor glamorize the life that comes along with gang banging. We do however understand and accept the fact that this is a part of life in San Diego. We just hope to shine a informational light upon the neighborhoods that make us Americas Finest City!!